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Thursday, 05 August 2021 11:15

Two Languages, One Nation

Since 2020, NPC’s National Languages Equality Advancement Project (NLEAP) has held workshops on language rights and second language acquisition in Kandy, Kalutara and Trincomalee to bring people together through language.

In Trincomalee 40 participants learnt Sinhala including government officials, religious leaders, members of community organizations, police officers and youth who are members of the Local Inter Religious Committee (LIRC), as well as members of the public.

The session was led by a government school teacher from the National Institute of Language Education and Training (NILET) in the Trincomalee district. The certificate course consists of 30 sessions. Participants are taught to speak Sinhala so that they can explain their problems to relevant authorities who may not speak Tamil.

Mr. Saman Dharshana Pandikorala, Trincomalee District Secretary, welcomed the language classes and requested them in other places as well.

“By learning Sinhala I maintain communication with people in my public service and I look forward to understanding the documents, letters and circulars when they are in Sinhala and doing government work effectively,” said a government officer.

“When doing business, incomprehensibility leads to delays and difficulties so the use of the relevant language will rectify the situation,” said a businessman.