Thursday, 09 March 2023 02:56

Sabaragamuwa University Course Commences

The inauguration ceremony of the course on inclusive service delivery for sustainable peace at the University of Sabaragamuwa was conducted with the participation of academic staff, students and NPC members. Last month the same course began at the Eastern University in Batticaloa.

Vice Chancellor of the Sabaragamuwa University, Professor Udaya Rathnayaka, said that the course would develop the capacity of government officers in peaceful communication when engaging with citizens. Peaceful communication was paramount in providing inclusive service delivery as it would enable one to empathise with the beneficiary and to look at things from the perspective of the other.

This in turn would enable government officers to connect with the community at a deeper level and foster better relations between the state and its citizens, he pointed out. NPC Executive Director Dr. Jehan Perera said the course was unique in that it bridged the gaps between the state and its citizens to ensure inter religious, inter racial and inter communal peace and harmony. Inclusive service delivery prevented exclusion and division as all citizens were treated as belonging to the nation. 

Additional District Secretary of Ratnapura, Ms. Gayani Karunaratne, said that the District Secretariat recognised the importance of the course. It would play a crucial role in development of the capacity of frontline government officers as it would enable them to engage with meaningful service delivery with beneficiaries and thus enabling cordial relations between the state and its citizens. She pledged her support and coordination for the development and implementation of the course. 

In the ensuing discussion, frontline government officers said they hoped their participation in the course would allow them to perform their duties in a manner that would foster cordial relations with beneficiaries. They highlighted the difficulties that they faced in dealing with vulnerable communities in providing services and communicating with these communities.