Sunday, 06 November 2016 02:45

Peace Building Through Sport In Jaffna Featured

NPC, in collaboration with the Centre for Communication Training, provided the peace building component at a sports event organised by the Foundation for Goodness in Jaffna, which included the participation of cricket star Muttiah Muralitharan. The event was supported by Netball Australia.

Coaches and students from six schools each in Jaffna and Galle were given skills training in netball by Netball Australia. They were also offered a broader perspective about living together peacefully in a united country.

Representatives from Netball Australia were satisfied with the success of the event. They said that at a similar programme in an African country, children from two conflicting communities had refused to sit together. In Sri Lanka children and adults of the different ethnic and religious communities got along, which was an advantage when it came to strengthening post war reconciliation.

Students from the north and south were put into mixed groups and asked to draw a picture that described what they are, wish to be and hope to become. They were asked to explain their drawings to those in their group. Although most students could not speak in the language of the other community, they managed to explain what their drawings meant.

One child drew a pen and wrote letters in the Sinhala, Tamil and English alphabets. She explained that she was the pen, and writing her own life, and it would be lived in the three languages.