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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 13:08

Pluralism Training For Nuwara Eliya DIRC

Forty nine members of the Nuwara Eliya DIRC, including Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim religious leaders, attended a training session on pluralism conducted by NPC.

IMG 7805The participants were told about the elements of pluralism, which was an effective way to reconcile a society of diverse backgrounds by promoting respect and tolerance.

“I learned about the values of pluralism. It is an interesting concept but it will be very difficult to practice. As DIRC members, we should work to promote pluralism in our society. We need to thank NPC for organizing this training for us,” a participant said.

The day started with a discussion about the progress of the project over the past two years. Photographs of the DIRC’s achievements were displayed. Members were happy about the success they had achieved.

“It is very good to achieve our goal of contributing to building peace. It was a difficult task and sometimes it was controversial to talk about peace building. Sometimes we were harassed by extremists. Now we should do more advocacy in collaboration with similar organizations to promote peace and coexistence,” a member said.