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Tuesday, 06 March 2018 12:04

Promoting Clean Elections in Nuwara Eliya

In time for the local government elections, Nuwara Eliya District Inter Religious Committee (DIRC) launched a campaign in Hatton to promote an election free of racism and religious discrimination. The campaign was funded by the IMPACT/CAFOD project.

Four thousand copies of leaflets were distributed among the people in Hatton town to urge voters not to elect anyone to local government bodies who promoted racism, religious discrimination or violence to disrupt peace and harmony among the communities. Ten banners were displayed at different religious places in Hatton and nearby areas carrying the message.

One of the candidates praised the DIRC for its campaign, saying it was passing on a good message to the people. He pointed out that a politician should look into the problems of all people regardless of their party affiliations, and serve everyone equally.

Wristbands that carrying the message, “My Vote is Against Racism and Corruption” were distributed by the DIRC members.