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Tuesday, 01 May 2018 03:14

Local Politicians Trained on Laws And the Reconciliation Process

A workshop on the Local Authorities Act and the Transitional Justiceprocess was held for 38 local politicians in Matara. Thirty eight local level politicians, including opposition leaders and members of local authorities, attended the workshop.

The PradeshiyaSabha is responsible for drafting by-laws within the area of its jurisdiction. The members create an annual development plan for their area based on common needs andmethods of generating income, therefore knowledge of the Act was important to make sure people got the proper service from local government authorities.

RohanaHettiarachchi, Executive Director of PAFFREL,explained the Local Authorities Act and highlighted the new criteria for election of members to local authorities that came into effect at the last local government elections. He also emphasised the role of women members inimproving the standards of governance.

SamanSeneviratne, NPC Project Manager, spoke about Transitional Justice mechanisms and their relevance to the reconciliation process.

Participants said they had learntabout the current political situation, law andActs, which was valuable for their work as well as about the reconciliation process. Women members said that what they had learnt at the workshop would make them more effective members of local government.

Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake has asked NPC to conduct similar training for members of the Colombo Municipal Council.