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Thursday, 07 June 2018 18:17

Bringing Reconciliation to Matara

Under the IMPACT project, NPC conducted two Transitional Justice (TJ) workshops for students of Nilwala College of Education in the Matara District. Resources persons were lawyer Jagath Liyana Arachchi and NPC Project Manager Saman Seneviratne. Two hundred participants attended both training programmes.

Another training programme was held for 150 student and lecturers of Ocean University situated in Tangalle, with Mr. Seneviratne as resource person.

Participants said a discussion on TJ was relevant because students were the responsible citizens of the future and they needed to know about the political situation in the country and the reconciliation process undertaken by the government.

The staff at both institutions thanked NPC for carrying out the training, which they said had helped the students to gain an objective and realistic view of the situation in the country and the reconciliation process while getting rid of misconceptions and extremist views. The head of the Nilwala College of Education asked NPC to conduct a training session on TJ for new students.