Tuesday, 10 July 2018 07:07

Ifthar for All Communities in Weligama

Matara DIRC organized an Ifthar activity during Ramadan in Weligama, in collaboration with the Weligama Municipal Council, to raise awareness in the community about respecting other cultures and religions and to strengthen unity between the Muslim and Sinhala communities.

Fifty participants including Buddhist monks, Christian priests and people from the Sinhala Buddhist community participated, including youth and students.

Several religious leaders spoke at the event. Professor Idigama Soratha, Chief Incumbent of the Matara Temple, said it was important to study the values of other religions. He said there were many similarities in both religions, including the practice of fasting. The Moulavis appreciated the participation of monks and priests at the Ifthar. One Moulavi promised to conduct a dhansala for next poya day for Buddhists.

Although Buddhists and Muslims had been living together in Weligama for many years, it was the first time that Buddhist people had experienced an Ifthar event. They wanted to continue the practice next year and to invite the Muslim community for Buddhist ceremonies.