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Tuesday, 05 November 2019 18:11

Community Leaders Learn About Human Rights

The Human Rights First Aid Centre in Galle held a workshop for 40 community leaders under NPC’s project Accountability Through Community Engagement and Initiatives for Transition (ACE-IT) to discuss Transitional Justice and the ongoing reconciliation mechanisms of the government including the Human Rights Commission, Office on Missing Persons (OMP), National Police Commission, and the Right to Information Act (RTI).

The community leaders said they were now able to understand the issues pertaining to human rights and also raised human rights concerns relating to their area.

They said they learnt how to complain to the OMP and how to obtain a Certificate of Absence as well as the monthly allowance and compensation. They also heard about the implementation of the RTI at ground level.

The participants wanted the workshop to be held for the public in general without being limited to community leaders.

“We gained a better understanding of the state mechanisms established for peace and reconciliation in the country,” a participant said.