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Tuesday, 07 July 2020 13:44

Training Youth in Conflict Prevention

Master trainers conducted a training programme on Conflict Analysis and Management for 20 youth in Matara to provide knowledge, insight and skills in conflict analysis and management under the framework of pluralism under NPC’s project, Technical Assistance to Justice Institutions in Sri Lanka.

The programme consisted of three main parts. The first part was on basic human needs and identity, acceptance and respect for other cultures and an explanation of the basic needs such as survival, wellbeing, identity and freedom.

The second part was on conflict analysis and management. Participants were taught that in order to resolve or manage a conflict, it was essential to first obtain an understanding of the conflict. Participants were divided into four groups and asked to analyse the major conflicts in their communities using the four standard tools - conflict tree, conflict mapping, conflict layer model and timeline.

The third part was to identify the pluralism process, which helped participants to understand the importance of coexisting. There was a discussion on the role and responsibilities of youth when building a pluralistic and peaceful society.