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Tuesday, 07 July 2020 13:45

DIRCs Get Back to Work After Covid-19 Rules Ease

As the conditions imposed to stop the spread of Covid-19 were gradually eased, District Inter Religious Committees (DIRCs) across the country began having their regular meetings under health guidance and social distancing rules imposed by the government.

At the Kandy DIRC meeting attended by 22 members, a Public Health Inspector outlined the new health regulations and told members how to practice good hygiene to stop the spread of the virus.

NPC Executive Director Dr. Jehan Perera and Project Manager Saman Seneviratne spoke on the importance of protecting independent commissions to maintain democracy in the country and on the role of civil society activists as Sri Lanka recovers from the effects of Covid-19.

DIRC members discussed the current governance practices and expressed their concern over some of the appointments to senior positions in public administration and public service offices.
They also spoke on the relief activities they were involved in during the lockdown and they said that they appreciated the assistance provided by NPC through funds received from Misereor and the Canadian government.

Twenty members attended the Puttalam DIRC meeting where discussions centered around the importance of strengthening independent commissions and protecting the 19th Amendment.

They also spoke about government actions taken to diminish the power of the civil society and expressed the concern that the power of Parliament might be eroded to increase the power of the President and how it could endanger democracy in the country.