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Monday, 07 September 2020 10:09

University Collaboration for Peace Building

Visits were undertaken to Ruhuna, Eastern, Jaffna and Sabaragamuwa Universities under the Creative Youth Engagement for Pluralism (C-YEP) project. The project envisages introducing university students to concepts of pluralism and how to live in a multi ethnic and multi religious society.

NPC staff members including Executive Director Dr Jehan Perera discussed expected project outcomes with the university administrators and university coordinators for the project. Other interested faculty members also participated. Among the ideas proposed was to work collaboratively on a research project concerning the meaning of words, misunderstandings and their impacts on peace building initiatives carried out on grassroot level.

The team also had a reflective discussion with the academics who had participated in the online training on Peacebuilding and Pluralism that took place on June 2020 with international resource persons of the calibre of Professor Oliver Richmond of Manchester University and Professor Donald Horowitz of Duke University.

To benefit the community with pluralistic values, the university academics proposed to develop a certificate course with the four universities collaborating on pluralism for government officers such as Grama Niladaris and Development Officers who could play a key role in transferring the values of pluralism to bridge diverse communities.