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Monday, 07 December 2020 12:42

Academics Discuss Pluralism

NPC’s Creative Youth Engagement for Pluralism (C-YEP) project held an online lecture for 45 academics from the Ruhuna, Jaffna, Sabaragamuwa and Eastern Universities as well as National Peace Council staff on the subject of constitutional reform in relation to pluralism.

The lecture presented by Professor Jayadeva Uyangoda to capacitate the academics to motivate and support young people in their community to explore social issues.

It focused on what type of a constitution could command the trust and loyalty of all citizens against the backdrop of the country’s unresolved ethnic conflict and tense majority-minority relations.

C-YEP also conducted a follow up question and answer session to a talk on socio-historical experience of pluralism in Sri Lanka given by Professor Sasanka Perera.

More than 30 academics from Ruhuna, Jaffna, Sabaragamuwa and Eastern universities participated in a constructive discussion on issues and challenges in practicing pluralism as well as individual responsibilities and sustainable solutions for building a pluralistic society.

C-YEP also conducted a project orientation for students from on project activities and expected outcomes of the project. NPC Executive Director Dr Jehan Perera explained Sri Lanka’s conflict history and the failures of reconciliation while emphasising the importance of pluralism to build peace among communities.

“I live in Trincomalee where there are different kind of ethnic groups who are divided. As young people, we have a responsibility to build a peaceful nation with all ethnic and religious groups. This project is a start,” one participant said.