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Wednesday, 06 January 2021 15:14

Training Befrienders to Help Victims of Human Rights Abuses

A training programme on trauma counselling for 17 Befrienders of the Gampaha Human Rights First Aid Centres (HRFACs) was held under NPC’s Accountability through Community Engagement and Initiatives for Transition (ACE-IT) project, conducted by Senior Counsellor and Trainer, Sister Canice.

Participants were taught how to listen to those who came to HRFACs and how to direct them to relevant government institutions. They were also told how to handle the new difficulties that have arisen because of Covid-19.

Activities were held to teach participants how to handle victims’ trauma through counselling and learn about the qualities a counsellor should have, what questions to ask and what not to ask and how to listen to problems and be empathetic.

One participant, Felishiya Kalubovila, said the training was important because it helped the befrienders to interact with victims correctly.

“In the Gampaha district we come across various cases on human rights abuse, sexual harassment and other social issues. We need this type of training to help us to deal with these issues,” said J.A. Dayananda, another participant.