November 2023

Kandy Women's Political Participation Gains Momentum

Super Group women leaders and peer group leaders under NPC’s Women Organized for Inclusion through Community Engagement (WOICE) project organized an awareness programme in the Kandy District on women’s political participation for over 100 local women leaders.

The project aims to create a more inclusive and equitable political environment, empowering women to take their rightful place in the decision making processes that shape their communities and their country.

NPP MP Dr. Harini Amarasooriya, who spoke at the event, emphasised the urgency of reshaping the existing political culture. She stressed the need for a broader, more inclusive discussion that encouraged ideological shifts to enhance women's political participation.

"Our society is evolving and it's high time that our political landscape evolves with it. We must foster a political environment that values the diverse perspectives that women bring to the table," she said.

SJB MP Rohini Kaviratne highlighted the commitment of the female parliamentarians' committee to advocate for women's political rights across party lines. "Regardless of our political affiliations, as female parliamentarians, we share a common goal to create an environment where women's voices are heard, respected and engaged in to shape the future of our nation," she said.

The event brought together women leaders from various backgrounds and affiliations and was a testament to the determination of the women to play an integral role in the region's political landscape.