Sunday, 05 July 2015 15:31

Reconciliation Through Writing

Write to Reconcile, a fiction writing project supported by NPC in conjunction with the internationally renowned Sri Lankan author Shyam Selvadurai, went into its second year after a successful first year.

The project brought together 24 emerging Sri Lankan writers who were interested in writing fiction, memoir or poetry in English on the issues of conflict, peace, reconciliation, memory and trauma, as they related to the civil war and the postwar period.

Over the course of two residential workshop in Kandy and Batticaloa and two online forums, these emerging writers, under the guidance of Shyam Selvadurai, honed their craft of writing and produced work that showed a diversity of cultural, ethnic and geographical points of view on the civil war and its aftermath, as well as a diversity of styles and genres.

The work produced by the writers will be published in the second Write to Reconcile Anthology. Two thousand copies of the anthology will be mailed to libraries and schools across the country and a downloadable version is available as well. NPC translated the first anthology into Sinhala and Tamil to reach wider audiences.

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